Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Julia: You know mum, we have a chicken issue in Hampstead
Me: Really? What kind of an issue
Julia: Well there are chickens everywhere, and they hop over fences and just make their nests wherever they like


I currently have a cold and am feeling a bit under the weather. The other evening I'm talking to Julia about the possibility of ordering in some sushi.
Julia: Why don't you just eat the strawberries we have in the fridge instead of all this sushi business all the time?
Me: It's not like I eat that much sushi you know
Julia: Well, fruit and vegetables are really good for you. And if you are sick you should eat even more fruit and vegetables. You don't eat that many fruits or vegetables.
(She happens to be right on the last)

Hair today gone tomorrow

Julia is riding on top of her father's shoulders coming back from town.
Roberto: Julia, how's it looking up there?
Julia: Well, you're going a bit bald on the top. But the front's looking OK - lots of hair there, and the back isn't so bad either.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Good advice

Julia and I are in her brother's room giving it a sorting out. Actually I am doing the sorting and she is giving me orders on what to do. Regarding a mobile he has hanging in his closet, I mull over where to put it.
Julia: Why don't you make your life easier and just hang it on the side of the cot?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

In the good old days

Julia to Roberto: Have you ever been to parrot school? At parrot school a teacher teaches you how to sit on a little perch and go squawk squawk squawk.
Robert: No, unfortunately I didn't have as privileged a childhood as you

Thursday, 21 June 2012

You may think that...but

Isaac (Julia's 2-year-old brother) this morning: Where's Julia?
Me: Julia is in the bathroom brushing her teeth and making a wee 
Julia's voice coming from the vicinity of the bathroom: You may think that but actually I'm sitting on a step looking at a book


Julia this evening: Is tomorrow Friday?
Me: Yes it is
Julia: Good! I've got my show and tell all ready
Me: What are you going to show?
Julia: My baby
Me: Ah, ok, and what are you going to say about her?
Julia: That she's allergic to home made chicken
Me: Really? As opposed to say, store bought chicken? I mean is there any other kind of chicken she can eat?
Julia: Yes, but only chicken with crispy skin